We had a late Spring here in Pennsylvania so it was nice to get to see flowers blooming in Florida.  We also enjoy the native plants that are different than the ones we have at home like these colorful hibiscus.  (The above photo not been retouched/improved in any way.)


Being near the beach, there are also sea grapes – not used for wine, however, my Mom says that she’s seen expensive jelly made from them.  When I was young, I remember that people would remove the sea grapes from their beach properties in order to get a better view of the ocean, then they discovered that it was the sea grapes & sea grasses that held the beach in place.

Now, it’s illegal to remove them – it’s funny that they had to make a law against removing them.  Even tho’ people know they hold the sand in place thereby protecting their property, they still take them out.  We’re not as smart as we’d like to think we are!


Then, of course, there’s the wildlife, altho’ this egret is not so wild.  He came to within 2’ of me while I was sitting in the carport at my Mom’s.  He’s used to getting fed so comes around to beg.  According to my Mom, the birds like lunchmeat & will hang around to see if anything is forthcoming.  If you feed them, they stop back on a daily basis.


The day ends with another sunset over the Gulf.  Evenings like this are a bonus to everything else we like about Florida.  More to see in the next entry!



Usually any beach-sunset photo is from my Mom while she winters in Florida & we freeze in Pennsylvania.  This one, however, is one of our own as we cruised down to the Gulf Coast to bring Mom back north for the summer & fall.

After our rainy & cold spring here in central PA, it was nice to enjoy some sunshine & WARM weather as well as seeing flowers blooming & verdant green.  All of which was not taking place when we left PA at the end of April.


When we make our annual trek to Florida, we go without our Sunline.  Mom has a double-wide trailer with plenty of room so taking the trailer isn’t necessary, altho’ if we could take more time travelling we think it’d be fun to camp along the way.  We did talk a lot about last year’s sojourn to the Four Corners area with the Jayco popup – a wonderful trip!  Generally tho’, this year we just wanted to get to Mom’s & go “splat” for two weeks, hanging out, going to the beach, reading, enjoying the things that make Florida, Florida.


So, the next couple of entries will “summarize” our vacation; certainly not as travel intensive as last year but still including a little extra sidetrip on our way home.



A beautiful night-blooming cereus in Florida but we’re here in central PA where the spring has been cold & damp.  In the past couple of weeks, however, there has been one or two nice warm days & we took one of them to perform our de-winterizing duties on the Sunline.


The feet & legs belong to Husband-man, who is tightening up the connections on our converter, one of the springtime get-ready-to-camp necessities.  Shortly after we bought the Sunline we discovered that the original converter was shot so we bought an Iota converter; Iota is made in Tucson, AZ thereby fitting our “Buy American-made whenever possible” qualification.  It has been an excellent converter, one of its best points being that it is very quiet, which is important since it’s right next to our bed.


Following our de-winterizing checklist we disinfected & deodorized the tanks, checked the propane tanks & various appliances, put batteries back in sundry devices, stocked dry goods & clothing, the usual springtime routine.  Then we hitched up & drove the 2363 to our local garage for its yearly. inspection, after which we aired up the tires to nearly max pressure & took it on a short test-drive.  

At this point, we’re ready to camp, however, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at things), we’ll have to go to Florida shortly to bring Mom back to her northern digs.  So, while this past Sunday into Monday featured some stellar weather & would’ve been perfect for an overnighter, we couldn’t get away with every thing else that needs done.  So, it’ll have to wait!