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This sunset-on-the-beach brought to you by the member of the family who gets to enjoy winter in the sunny South, my Mom.  Ah, we wish we were down with her, which would mean we could camp too, altho’ FLA campgrounds are generally full in the snowbird season.

Not much going on

The winter blog sabbatical is just an indication that, while we’re busy, there is just not a lot of RV goings-on to write about.  We both had a version of the winter cold, Matthew worse than me.  The weather here since New Year’s Day has been cold & snowy; on Saturday evening we got 5”.  Fortunately we just had “our” snowblower serviced – loaned to us by members of the church that I serve who are snowbirds too – so it was ready to go!

DFE8AA4A-26C6-47C7-8B72-51CCCBDA91D7.jpegPretty but “Bah, humbug!”

I don’t really mind the first few snows especially around Christmas but, after awhile, the piles of dirty, gray snow-ice get depressing & we’re ready for Spring… & camping!

It did get warm enough that we had new posts, railings, & flooring put on our porch.  It looks really nice, altho’ we’ll have to stain the flooring this summer.  Of course, the new porch makes the rest of the parsonage look like it could use a coat of paint.  There’s always something to do, even in winter!


Our friends, Glenn & Tammi, have yet to send us their summer camping itinerary; we always try to camp together at least once during camping season.  We haven’t any plans for a roadtrip this year &, of course, we did sell the pop-up but…  My best friend from high school is getting married out in Tucson this November & we’re talking about going out for the blessed event so who knows how that will shape up!

Well, daylights savings time comes up in less than three weeks & the state park campgrounds here in PA open in mid-April so, with two months to go, hopefully there’ll be more to blog about soon.



Truly, the reason for the season – Merry Christmas!




Well, the chocks are in the wheels & our Sunline is parked in its portico for another winter as we bid a reluctant adieu to the 2017 camping season.  We were SO hoping to have another opportunity to camp before the parks closed this past weekend but… no dice!  Instead, we found ourselves doing the last of the winterizing this weekend & wondering where the time went.

We had plans to camp at the end of October with Sunline friends but that fell through due to two-day downpour-windstorm.  Then, we planned to camp on Thanksgiving but Mom asked if we would come to her house, along with my brother, sister-in-law, & nephew, for a family Thanksgiving.  When your almost 86-year-old Mom asks that the family get-together, the answer is always “Yes!”


Our lovely spokesmodels, Mom & Kathy, presenting the raw bird.

Still, some of our local PA state park campgrounds stay open until mid-December when deer hunting season ends, so we thought we could camp after Turkey Day but no such luck!  Busy-ness set in with a vengeance &, before we knew it, we were running the pink stuff through the water system, removing all the “freeze-ables” from the cabinets & cleaning the interior of the 2363.


Our season started with two trailers, the super Sunline & the jaunty Jayco.  While we didn’t get in as much local camping as we like, we did have our 3-week Four Corner-Southwest tour with the Jayco which, at the risk of sounding repetitious, we’d do again in a minute, it was that good!  The Jayco did its job & was sold, the Sunline remains, & for now, our season ends – & blog entries become more sporadic, if that’s possible 🙂  – until the Spring!