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… we get to go camping!  It’s been a busy Spring & it was a blessing that we had plans to camp with some Sunline friends or else we might not have gone out camping yet.

We met our friends, Pam & Steve, on the Sunline owners website six years ago while searching for our Sunline.  In fact, Pam helped us check out the first Sunline we thought of buying & taught us a lot about what to look for.  Earlier this year, we all decided to camp together at one of our favorite campgrounds, Fowler’s Hollow State Park; Steve & Pam had yet to camp there.  As it turned out, camping with them was our first excursion for the season.


Matthew & I are cautious about recommending FHSP because it’s not a CG that appeals to everyone.  It’s small, isolated, with no FHUs, no bathhouse, no lake, & no playground for children.  It has a small lavatory, hiking/biking/horse trails, & a beautiful stream running through it (pictured above).  And not much else – that’s why Matthew & I like it – but that doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s “cup of tea” as far as camping goes.


Pam & Steve like hiking & biking & reading & peace & quiet so Fowler’s Hollow appealed to them too.  They are great camping neighbors & we really enjoyed our time with them.  To us, it’s the best type of camping, which included some pretty “visitors.” (A little blurry but I believe this is an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly on Big Gray’s fender.)


Being busy with our vocations, it was clear once we were at FH that we needed the time away.  Our next planned camping is at the end of July; we will be joining a bunch of Sunline folk (including Steve & Pam) at Ive’s Run CoE CG near the PA-NY border.  Never camped there so we’re looking forward to that trip but hoping we get out again some time before then.  Camping season just goes by so fast!




A beautiful night-blooming cereus in Florida but we’re here in central PA where the spring has been cold & damp.  In the past couple of weeks, however, there has been one or two nice warm days & we took one of them to perform our de-winterizing duties on the Sunline.


The feet & legs belong to Husband-man, who is tightening up the connections on our converter, one of the springtime get-ready-to-camp necessities.  Shortly after we bought the Sunline we discovered that the original converter was shot so we bought an Iota converter; Iota is made in Tucson, AZ thereby fitting our “Buy American-made whenever possible” qualification.  It has been an excellent converter, one of its best points being that it is very quiet, which is important since it’s right next to our bed.


Following our de-winterizing checklist we disinfected & deodorized the tanks, checked the propane tanks & various appliances, put batteries back in sundry devices, stocked dry goods & clothing, the usual springtime routine.  Then we hitched up & drove the 2363 to our local garage for its yearly. inspection, after which we aired up the tires to nearly max pressure & took it on a short test-drive.  

At this point, we’re ready to camp, however, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at things), we’ll have to go to Florida shortly to bring Mom back to her northern digs.  So, while this past Sunday into Monday featured some stellar weather & would’ve been perfect for an overnighter, we couldn’t get away with every thing else that needs done.  So, it’ll have to wait!


Well, the chocks are in the wheels & our Sunline is parked in its portico for another winter as we bid a reluctant adieu to the 2017 camping season.  We were SO hoping to have another opportunity to camp before the parks closed this past weekend but… no dice!  Instead, we found ourselves doing the last of the winterizing this weekend & wondering where the time went.

We had plans to camp at the end of October with Sunline friends but that fell through due to two-day downpour-windstorm.  Then, we planned to camp on Thanksgiving but Mom asked if we would come to her house, along with my brother, sister-in-law, & nephew, for a family Thanksgiving.  When your almost 86-year-old Mom asks that the family get-together, the answer is always “Yes!”


Our lovely spokesmodels, Mom & Kathy, presenting the raw bird.

Still, some of our local PA state park campgrounds stay open until mid-December when deer hunting season ends, so we thought we could camp after Turkey Day but no such luck!  Busy-ness set in with a vengeance &, before we knew it, we were running the pink stuff through the water system, removing all the “freeze-ables” from the cabinets & cleaning the interior of the 2363.


Our season started with two trailers, the super Sunline & the jaunty Jayco.  While we didn’t get in as much local camping as we like, we did have our 3-week Four Corner-Southwest tour with the Jayco which, at the risk of sounding repetitious, we’d do again in a minute, it was that good!  The Jayco did its job & was sold, the Sunline remains, & for now, our season ends – & blog entries become more sporadic, if that’s possible 🙂  – until the Spring!