Recently, we were able to get in an overnighter &, when we have to make a quick decision on where to camp close-by, one of our favorite places is R.B. Winter State Park.  You can tell by the lush green & the dam spillway, we’re not in the Southwest; we’ll get back out there next entry.


Certainly there’s nothing new about staying at R.B. Winter but we did try out a new camp site, largely because there wasn’t anyone camping in the sites around us.  It was a very nice site close to the stream, which we could hear because…


… there was a 45-minute downpour that evening.  But, that’s been how the summer has gone here in central PA, to wait for perfect weather means not camping at all.

All the rain has kept the streams & lakes full.  And something else that is noticeable is that, in mountainous areas, the streams are running a rust color from the wood tannins.  Look closely at the next pix & you can see the rootbeer color of the stream, along with a very pretty mountain laurel with a few late blooms.


For us, camping is about getting away, especially from hustle-bustle & noise.  So, we were a little disappointed when an extended family in two mini-vans pulled up in a site near to us & set up tents to camp overnight.  Honestly, given how many were in their group, they weren’t overly noisy & the reality is more people have been doing all types of camping in the past two years.


We have a little “new addition” to our camping: it’s a Solar Light which glows green in the evening.  We bought it on Amazon to use at home to show our support for veterans but we’ve been taking it along on our recent camping trips.  It gives off an nice ambient light at night, perfect for sitting out.  If you look at the first pix, it is an iridescent white during the day.  Pretty neat!

There is nothing like a peaceful – well, semi-peaceful, given the neighbors – evening camping in our Sunline, it’s worth it even if we just get out for an overnighter.  A bit different from our trip to the Four Corners, which will continue in the next entry.