Overnighting at Chaco was great, largely because it was so dark & quiet there.  After spending a restful night at the campground, our plans included taking the ranger-guided tour through Pueblo Bonito, which is the largest set of ruins in Chaco Canyon.


The Park Ranger who lead the tour was G.B. Cornucopia & he was the same ranger who gave the Dark Skies presentation the night before.  He initially came to Chaco as a tourist interested in astronomy & over the years that interest lead to him becoming a Park Ranger there.  His tour of Pueblo Bonito started with the disclaimer that most questions about the Canyon can honestly be answered by the phrase, “We don’t know.”  Despite that, he certainly had a lot to say about what Southwest antiquities experts think may have taken place there 1000 years ago.


This size of Pueblo Bonito is impressive &, if you are going take a day-trip to Chaco, it is the one ruin recommended that you see because it does have both rooms & kivas.  Of course, as Ranger Cornucopia said, they can’t say for certain what the purpose of the rooms & kivas were.  Until recently it had been thought that the kivas were used for religious purposes but current research has backed off on that theory.


We also toured Pueblo del Arroyo on our own &, while not as sprawling as Pueblo Bonito, we enjoyed walking around it just as much, maybe because we had the place to ourselves.


After spending a good part of the day touring the ruins, it was nice to sit down at the Jayco & read & enjoy the scenery.  There’s more of that to come in the next entry.