One of our favorite State Parks for camping is Fowler’s Hollow SP.  Located five miles from the nearest town, no major road nearby, no lake, no playground, no bathhouse, just a lavatory, & the sites are gravel.  It’s not a park for everyone, in fact, often there are only one or two campsites occupied.  More often than not, it’s quiet… quiet enough that we can hear the birds & wildlife.  And that’s why we like it so much…


… oh yeah, & a creek runs through it!  Able to do two-nighter in September, we figured why not go to our favorite campground for some end-of-summer R & R.  

Even tho’ it was approaching mid-September, we hung out our hummingbird feeder to see who was around & got a pix (albeit a bit blurry) of this little guy.


He & his “friends” battled constantly over the feeder both days even tho’ there was plenty to go around.  We like feeding the hummies but feel a little bad about taking the feeder away when we pack up.  


We had some fire frustrations too.  We couldn’t get enough of a fire going to cook supper so the handy-dandy O-Grill was called into service.  (A great camping purchase especially if you don’t always want to build a fire… or can’t!)  Turns out that the people who camped in the site before us really doused their fire when they left; that’s what campers are supposed to do rather than letting it smoulder.  Feeling how soaked the dark coals in the fire ring were, we finally figured out what was up.  Even so, we managed to get this small fire going for the evening.


True to form, Fowler’s Hollow was quiet with only one other camper there.  Walking, talking, reading, & listening to the sounds of nature may be boring to some but this is what relaxes us & is why we camp.




Shortly after our overnighter at the Union Sportsmen’s Club, we contacted our friends, Glenn & Tammi, because we knew they had a weekend scheduled at Cowan’s Gap State Park.  While we had done reconnaissance on Cowan’s Gap & its campground, we never camped there & thought it might be nice to join them.

They replied that they couldn’t extend their weekend into Monday so we thought we might camp somewhere closer to home, however, they texted that the job Glenn was on got “put on hold” & they could do an extra day.  So, that Sunday afternoon, off we went to Cowan’s Gap State Park in southcentral PA.


Cowan’s Gap has a large CG with two loops: Loop A is the larger of the two & Loop B, while smaller, has some sites located right on the nice-sized lake.  All of us had sites in Loop B; Glenn & Tammi said that the lake was quite busy (& noisy) during the weekend but, of course, calmed down with people leaving that Sunday.  They had their kayaks along for the weekend & had enjoyed taking them around the lake.


If you look carefully, you can see that we had a “lake view” site… well, sorta’.  As usual, we enjoyed our time, albeit another overnighter, with our friends.  Tammi is a great cook & we decided to do a combined supper of pork chops over the grill, cabbage, salad, & dessert.  


In the site directly behind us, there was this small “canned-ham-style” sleeper trailer.  When we first arrived, it was pretty much hidden by a room tent but when they broke camp we saw that their trailer had been wrapped in salute to the USMC.  As you might suspect, the owner was a member of the Corp.  Being that Matthew’s Dad is a USMC Colonel, we had to get a picture of it.  Pretty neat!

We walked, talked, & enjoyed the evening beside one of Glenn’s great fires. 🔥 (He is the Firemaster!) They had to leave early on Monday to get home to babysit the grands, it was still great to get to camp with them.  And, no longer “new-to-us” Cowan’s Gap SP is now on the ever-growing list of CGs we want to bring the Sunline to again!




A few weeks after returning from our Four Corners trip, Matthew & I took out the Sunline for the first time this camping season.  We went to the Sunline Meet-n-Greet rally at Buttonwood Campground in Mexico, PA, conveniently about a half-hour from where we live.  (For more on the rally, see this blog entry.)

Summer was in “full flower” – or actually “full sunflower” as pictured above – but we were so busy that, other than camping with friends at Black Moshannon State Park, we didn’t get camping until…


… we did an overnight at the Union Co. Sportmen’s Club. As members at the Sportmen’s Club from the first year we moved here, we knew they had campsites but never checked into camping there.  Membership is required for camping; their sites are grass with electric, water available on-premise, & there is also a crude dump station.  The club has a restaurant & bar, shooting range, miniature golf course, playground, & a  wildlife sanctuary.




The bobcat, Reese pheasant, & whitetail deer, along with other PA natives, all live in the wildlife sanctuary, which makes the club a popular place to take children. On Sunday, we ate at the restaurant – good food, reasonably priced – before walking the short rail-trail which was an old logging railway along Penn’s Creek. A very pretty walk!  

We relaxed, read, talked a little with the only other people camping there that evening, grandparents who had their grandchildren for a few days.  After a quiet, restful night, the next morning we took advantage of the shooting range by taking target practice.  (Yes, ministers with guns… oh, the horror!)


Being that it was just an overnighter, it’s to our advantage that the Sportsmen’s Club is so close to where we live.  After camping in the pop-up, it was great to be in the Sunline again; trailer set-up is easier than setting up a pop-up.  And, as with all the other places where camping is enjoyable, we’re hoping to camp at the Sportmen’s Club again this year.