5A3A94AA-0449-4274-8C4C-ECA804FD98C0.jpegWe are hoping to get out camping this weekend to a campground in northern PA that we’ve never been before.  Still, I wanted to post some of the natural beauty here in central PA.  

F5DA2C92-9531-4700-97FB-DE74782F01F5.jpegIt’s the middle of summer and the joe-pye are blooming, a native plant that really attracts the pollinators, especially butterflies.  As you can see, both the monarch and yellow imperial butterflies enjoy it.  

66FF184A-C9A0-4E8E-B9F8-40B6BB9087F7.jpegOf course, the bees always enjoy the sunflowers.  And then there was another little visitor…

28A48468-3A07-4B46-B275-AC09F5B99730.jpegMatthew and I were sitting out one evening this weekend and a fledgling sparrow landed right on my sandal.  He (or she) stayed there long enough for me to take pictures and then flew off with siblings and mother.  The yellow imperial flew off too making for an interesting picture.  


Hopefully the next entry will be about camping. 🙂 


5C3696E1-96EA-44F7-BF4D-04918EA4F13F.jpegSince our first overnighter this season, we’ve been busy and the weather here in central PA has been stormy, altho’ not as bad as May into early June.  We hoped to pull a quick overnighter setting up at Greenwood Furnace State Park and then going out that evening to supper with good friends in Huntingdon, only 30 minutes away from GFSP. We got our chance Monday into Tuesday.  

15F9419B-845C-47CB-B4EA-F2282851372D.jpegWe’ve stayed at GFSP before; in fact, it was the first campground we camped at after we bought our Sunline.  Last year, however, we did not get to camp there so it was nice to get back again.  We camped at a “new-to-us” site (#48) which was private and fairly quiet.  

After setting up, we had about two hours to relax before meeting our friends in Huntingdon and eating at Mimi’s restaurant downtown.  The food was good — Matthew had the chicken & our friends and * had the fish, no skimping on portions. Their martinis & cosmos were very good and we had a great time with our friends!  (Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures.) It was nice only having to drive a half-hour home and the CG was quiet and not quite as full as we expected for the week of July the 4th.  

E12BCF42-4E6B-42FD-800F-B7D0CE12ABF3.jpegWe had a “visitor” – a Red Admiral butterfly – which flitted around the whole time we were camping… so maybe we were the visitors!  On Tuesday morning we had breakfast at the Taste of the Valley in Belleville – VERY good – and did some flower & produce shopping at the Amish/Mennonite stands in the area.

13E6EFEF-7548-4E28-81C3-4D37FAE0A422.jpegMeanwhile, our spoiled Siamese stayed home and basked in the sun.  Wish we could take her but don’t want to lose her in the woods.  We have a planned camping trip later this month; we’ll have to see if we get out on an overnighter before then.

331D1CE9-67C7-4B32-807A-3733E5F26029.jpegAfter an eventful May, we finally got to go camping, largely because we just said “We gotta go or it won’t happen!”  So, we took Monday into Tuesday and did an overnighter at one of our favorite campgrounds, R.B. Winter State Park.  


9312D691-3867-4849-8451-5441357766FF.jpegWith late spring flowers and trees blooming and nice weather forecast, RBW was very pretty, the perfect place to start the season.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case less than a week before we were there.  

55636AD4-C1EE-4597-8E7E-562552647C82.jpegA strong thunderstorm hit the area with straight-line winds which did a lot of damage in the park.  In fact, immediately following the storm the rangers called upcoming reservations and told them not to come for a few days.

2C009083-9A95-417C-A437-5FBAC6D66FCA.jpegThe worst of the winds was near the park ranger’s office; whole sections of trees fallen or snapped off.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  When they finally get it all cleaned up, they’ll have a lot of firewood to sell!  

F0E4E4E9-7E87-4F4B-ACC7-F229BB332558.jpegWhen we were there though the weather was great albeit the night was very cool, as in 37 degrees.  

A399A182-3923-4FE7-B91B-330BE88C94C6.jpegWe made a fire to ward off the chill and enjoyed our first outing of the year.  It’s great to get back out in the Sunline again. Let’s hope it’s a good camping season for all!