2ece194b-a8d3-4a75-b1d4-2e5495b5c659After a decent, quiet night at the Baymont Suites in Wichita Falls, TX, we were up and on the road.  No sunshine in the morning and we lost the dry roads as we drove through eastern Texas.  

63461c00-5e81-405a-841c-6926ba831866Deciding to sweeten up our day a little, we made a short detour to a donut shop, Bun Donuts, in Bonham, TX.  A spartan shop in what appeared to have been an old convenience store, we bought some donut holes and other pastries and took back to the road.  Shortly after leaving Bonham, we sampled what we bought and, my, was it good!  Some of the best donuts I’ve ever had.  Which was nice on an otherwise dreary travel day.  

3e582264-51c2-42c2-a0a1-e46d45aaf814Driving east on Rte. 82, we entered into Arkansas & without, realizing it until we got there, right by the town of Stamps, Arkansas, the hometown of the famous poet, Maya Angelou.  Had I realized it, I would’ve like to drive through the town itself but Rte. 82 by-passed it a little to the north.  

34ee69c1-21f0-48ec-89d8-ca942fe45703We headed across Arkansas with the idea of crossing the Mississippi and staying overnight in Greenville, MS, the heart of the Delta.  Even with the rain, Rte 82E through Texas & Arkansas was a nice drive, if you don’t mind “blue highways.”

169c6c25-7fb3-43c2-8f29-18e81df285e0The rain continued and we pulled into Greenville just before dark and stayed overnight at the Hampton Inn there.  We had a good meal at Sherman’s Restaurant in town before returning to the hotel for a good night’s rest and another day of travel.




The last entry before the interruption of the holidays left us having a great afternoon at White Sands National Monument.  We left WSNM and stayed overnight at a Super8 in Alamogordo with plans to travel the next day to Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas panhandle.

Unfortunately, that area of Texas was forecast to get 6” of snow and, while Palo Duro would probably have been beautiful in the snow, we had no desire to slip-and-slide on I-40.  So, we plotted to stay south of the weather by taking a two-lane, Rte. 380E, & following it onto Rte. 82E around Lubbock, Texas.

a5e3822e-44bf-4c2d-97f8-9f90100a43b3This route took us through the alpine part of New Mexico which was beautiful, especially since we knew that the minute we left the mountains, it would quickly flatten out.





Nevertheless, we enjoyed the drive through eastern New Mexico and western Texas, especially since it was sunny the whole day!  There is something haunting to me about the small Plains towns trying to survive in an area of decreasing population.  

2776029C-D80C-4AE8-B1FC-0EF52FAB893B.jpegWhile realizing that wind turbines have brought some economic benefit to this part of Texas (and elsewhere), both Matthew and I don’t like the way they cut up the look of the Plains or the damage they do to the wildlife, especially birds.

From 82E we picked up Rte. 277N to Wichita Falls, Texas, where we spent a quiet night at the Baymont Hotel.  We knew that the next few days would be “traveling days” but sometimes that’s just the way it is on the road.


I meant to add another travel entry this week but somehow it got lost in the end-of-the-year rush.  Hopefully, this week.  This New Year’s greeting was sent to us by our Viennese cousin, Wolfgang – the words mean “Lucky (or Fortunate) New Year.” Love old-fashioned greeting cards like this!  To all our friends & family, may 2019 be a blessed year!